"Black Elk's Vision"


"Black Elk's Vision"

      The painting of “Black Elk’s Vision” is of Black Elk, an Ogallala Sioux medicine man. This choice Native American and his unusual vision, as well as his life's story, offers a treasure of knowledge on Native American culture.


       Black Elk was born in the twilight years of his people’s prosperity and participated in a number of stirring events, which proved to be turning points for all Native Americans. He was a boy of 13 when he defended his village and family at the Battle of The Little Big Horn, better known as “Custer’s Last Stand.” He suffered as his cousin, Crazy Horse, was tricked and killed by the white man. A part of him died at “Wounded Knee.” He lived a life of change, and witnessed the events that caused the final surrender of the Sioux Nation. He was a man of both power and sorrow for the people he loved and served.


      He learned and revered the old ways and watched with apprehension as the tides of change were forced upon his people. This lonely and brave man came from the old ways, bridged the gap of the tragic change, and lived to see his prophecies come true in a new era dominated by white men. Because he did not want the old ways of his people to be lost, he shared his vision and asked that it be carried into the future. The book “Black Elk Speaks,” [1932] by John G. Neihardt as told by Black Elk himself and translated as he spoke, by his grandson, is the written result of Black Elk’s wishes. The book is beautifully written and praised as literary prose. The vision that shaped Black Elk’s life is found within the pages of this unique volume as well as in the painting, “Black Elk’s Vision.”



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A copy of the allegorical meaning within the painting is included with each Fine Art Print.