The White Buffalo Woman

      The Souix were a warrior tribe, and one of their proverbs says, "Woman shall not walk before man." Yet the White Buffalo Woman is the dominant figure of their most important legend. The medicine man Crow Dog explained, "This holy woman brought the sacred buffalo calf pipe to the Sioux. There could be no Indians without it. Before she came, our people did not know how to live. They knew nothing. The Buffalo Woman put her sacred mind into their minds." At the ritual of the sun dance one woman, usually a mature and universally respected member of the tribe, is given the honor of representing Buffalo Woman.


       Though she first appeared to the Sioux in human form, White Buffalo Woman was also a buffalo, the Indians' brother, who gave its flesh so that the people might live. Albino buffalo are sacred to all Plains tribes; a white buffalo hide is a sacred talisman, a possession beyond price.


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