Eliza R. Snow Faith

Eliza R. Snow - Faith

Understanding The Value Faith

      So what is faith? It's that step or two in the dark, the steps forward when you can't see where you are going. Faith gives you courage to take those steps in the dark and to do Good Works. Faith motivates action. Your faith will be challenged, for all must be tested even as Abraham was tested, and not all tests will be the same. No one escapes these tests. It is important not to doubt, for doubt will block your progress. There can be no faith when there is doubt. As you become a woman of faith, and are motivated toward Good Works, your faith will grow, your abilities will be magnified, and your Divine Nature will quicken until the windows of heaven open in your behalf. With this kind of faith, many good and wonderful things are possbile.


Some people wait for things to happen,

Some people wonder what happened.

While a few, make things happen.


     Eliza R. Snow was a woman who made things happen, and with faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, along with willing hearts and hands, we too can make the right things happen, thus making us a positive part of the working forces of heaven.


For the complete text on the value Faith, see the booklet, Eliza R. Snow - Faith


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