Esther - Jewish Queen of Persia

Esther  -  Integrity

       If there was a way possible for Queen Esther to step back through the veil that separates us from those who have gone on before us, she would have a message for the youth today. With a little imagination the following might be what she would say to the women of today.


       A suggested script for each of the eight women is included with a set of the Values Booklets. These have been used for numerous Young Womens presentations. 

Esther Queen of Persia's

Message to Young Women today:

          I am Esther, the Jewish Queen of Persia, and represent the Value Integrity. My ancestors fled from Jerusalem ahead of the armies of King Nebuchadnezzar and settled in Persia. It was a time of great wickedness among the children of men. I lost my parents and was adopted by my cousin, Mordecai, and it is said that I grew into a young woman of great beauty. When King Ahasuerus was seeking a bride I was chosen to be among the many young women that the king would pick from. It is written that the king loved me above all the women, and I found favor in his sight. The royal crown was set upon my head and I was made the Queen of Persia.


       This was an evil and prideful time and the great Persian Prince Haman forced all to bow down and worship him. My adopted father, Mordecai, refused to reverence Haman and in return, Haman decided Mordecai must be put to death. Haman convinced the King that the Jews were a threat to his kingdom and that they should all be destroyed. A decree was sent ordering the destruction of all Jews on the 13th day of the 12th month. King Ahasuerus did not know that I was Jewish, and that as he sanctioned the execution of the Jews he also sanctioned the execution of his queen. I knew I had to do something to save my family and people. It was a fearful time for me for I knew if I did not find favor with the king I would die as well as my people. I asked that all involved fast with me and my people. In making the king aware of Haman's evil designs I went against a number of the Persian laws. In the end my prayers were answered and my life and the lives of my people were spared.


      Integrity means doing what is right regardless of the sacrifice or the risks involved. It means doing God's will against great odds and without thought for worldly gain. I was very frightened, but I knew what needed to be done and that I alone could do it. I also knew that I could not live with myself and ever face my creator if I allowed myself to live and at the same time let my people die. Integrity is not a gift one gives or even shares, it is only earned through righteous living. Integrity is being worthy and willing to do the will of God and all times and all circumstances regardless of the consequences. Integrity is standing for truth and righteousness. Yea, Integrity is a light for others to follow toward Christ in his immortal realm. While none of us are perfect, we can strive each and every day to be better than we were yesterday. One step at a time, real eternal Integrity is within your reach. As you set eternal goals and strive each day to be true to your covenants the angels surrounding you will grant you help, and cheer you on. I pray you feel their presence and enjoy their cheers as you succeed. I pray for your success in developing your personal Integrity and that you may be found worthy to sit on the right hand of God.

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