Eve - Choice and Accountability


 Choice and Accountability

Eve's Allegorical Painting

      The allegorical painting of Eve, is a painting of subtle conflict. The conflicting choices Eve faced in the garden are represented by placing the tiger, the kid, and Eve all close together. Only in the garden would this trio be likely to remain calm and serene.  Yet even in the garden the pressures of the choice that needed to be made would have created a great struggle within Eve. Yet, in the midst of the opposing forces, Eve is calm and in control.


       The colors in the painting are symbolic in the use of green and orange together as a theme. The green represents the Garden of Eden, the location of this monumental event. The green also represents Knowledge, the knowledge Eve gained as she partook of the forbidden fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Orange is the allegorical color representing Choice and Accountability and the tiger is orange. The two colors together representing both values, Choice and Accountability as well as Knowledge.


       The tiger is Choice and Accountability; he is brilliant in his importance and near dominance. The tiger is a most appropriate representative of the value; he is dangerous, just as many choices are dangerous; he is powerful just as the right to choose gives us a special sacred power; he is orange just as the caution lights that flash at intersections in our busy streets remind us to slow down and look before we make the decision to go forward; he is a loner just as righteous choices may force us to walk alone as we choose not to follow the crowd, and he is beautiful just as our agency or our right to make our own choices is beautiful. The tiger is also conveniently laced with the color black representing sin, the sin that all too frequently accompanies unrighteous choices. He is also laced with white, the white of Faith, the Faith needed in making righteous decisions and of sincere repentance.


     Whenever there are choices and we have the freedom to choose, there will be a need for faith, and perhaps, the need for repentance with the blessed gift of the Atonement. Under- standing accountability for our choices, along with the accompanying consequences is vital to our eventual salvation.


     The small kid goat represents our Faith. Let us hold tight to our faith; may we nurture and protect it, lest it get away and leave us without hope for our salvation.

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