Hunter and the Sky-Tops Book

Hunter and the Sky-tops



The story of a boy and his family,

One you will never forget.

       Hunter Lynn is a delightful, normal ten-year-old by, who is growing up and loveing life. He enjoys everything except his life-long enemy, Chat Dixon and his followers. Hunter has many lessons to learn - such as, to think things out before doing anything that might prove to be foolish. You see, he has a tendency to be rather too quick to act, and unpleasant things tend to happen to remind him he should have thought first. Despite his impetuous nature, he's never gotten into a serious fight, he's never had to make a life changing decision, and he's certainly never considered flying. All this is about to change when he finds a badly wounded sky-top in their upper pasture. What will he decide to do? What would you do if you found a flying dinosaur the size of a small elephant in your back yard?



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