Joan of Arc - Individual Worth

Joan of Arc 

  Individual Worth

       As a spiritual skit or dramatic presentation, The women from our past offer a variety of choices. As a skit or dramatic presentation, each of the Eight Women can be represented by a Young Woman and dressed in a costume similar to that of their companion painting, and address the Young Women of your ward or stake. The brief message to the right is a sample of what Joan of Arc might say to young women today if she were given the opportunity. Presentations similar to this have been used for New Beginnings, Firesides, Camp, and many other activities. 


       A script for each of the Eight Women of Value is included with every order of the booklets.


A Message From Joan of Arc 

           I am Joan of Arc and am privileged to be with you at this time and share a little about myself and the value Individual Worth.


            Many stories have been told of me and what I did, and I want each of you to know that I was only an instrument in the hands of God. I carefully followed the promptings I heard in my heart, and as I did so the way was prepared for the freedom of my people.  At the Age of 17, I was placed in command of the armies of France, and led them into war against the English, who had held my people in bondage for 100 years. The victory was swift and complete and I never feared for my safety.  I knew as I followed the prompting voices that guided me, all would be well.


            At the close of the war the king was insistent that I continue to lead his armies and I was filled with confusion and fear. I felt I could not oppose my king, yet the pressure was great and I did go again into war, this time for conquest rather than freedom, and this time without the Still Small Voice. I was utterly alone. I was captured by the enemy and tried as a witch. If I had denied the voices that had guided me I would have been set free, yet I could not deny that which I knew to be true, and of God.  I was burned at the stake, sealing my testimony of the divine voices that had guided me through my life.


            I was a mere peasant girl, I was illiterate and of no importance. All I wanted in life was to live with my family in my village, and to enjoy peace and freedom with my people.  I never aspired to greatness. I did what I knew had to be done and am pleased that my efforts were of such great worth to France.


           Individual worth is not found in physical stature, or beauty, or even intelligence, or wealth, but rather in the fact you are a child of God and of infinite worth to Him, as well as to those around you. Your Individual Worth is closely related to your personal relationship with God and in how you feel about yourself, and then in your contributions to mankind. Your gifts to those around you begin in your home, and extend outward to all whose lives you touch. Although you will never wear a suit of armor and ride a horse into war, you will face a far more fearful adversary every day of your mortal lives. You will need the armor of God to protect you, and the still small voice to guide you through your personal battles. As you face your mortal and spiritual adversaries, remember you are a daughter of God and of great worth to him, the God who created you. To him you are of infinite worth. God The Father created your spirit and loves you beyond your imagination. Because of his love for you, you are never alone. Your Individual Worth begins with your worth to your Eternal Father; never forget this. You are His daughter. When you feel all is lost, remember who you are and the Father who loves you and seeks to help you.  


            As you realize your Individual Worth to your Eternal Father, doors of opportunities will open before you to do the Father’s work, and magnify your talents.  May you recognize your Individual Worth and choose to be of great value to those around you and may you glorify your Father in Heaven as you become an instrument in His hands while here in mortality.



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