Line upon Line

Line Upon Line

by CaMary Wynne

       Like ripples in a pool of water, circling ever wider from the stone that causes the wake, Line Upon Line has the capacity to change the course of lives. The pursuit of success is a quest that leads many astray. Families and lives are ruined in the serch for riches and happiness that are always just out of reach. What is success? How can it be obtained? Line Upon Line has the answers. 


        Young and old, from every walk of life, need to read this book and glean the golden truths that can make their lives more meaningful and worthwhile. Line Upon Line has the capacity to strengthen family ties as its concepts are learned and then taught. If ever there was a book that was needed, it is this one. It comes to you highly recommended for parents, for youth leaders, and for those who wish to improve their social standing, and somehow just don't know where to begin. Line Upon Line offers the answers for those that are willing to lengthen their stride and begin a new and a better way of life.



Hard bound copy (6" x 9") ............$25.00

Gold Embossed title, this is an elegant gift.