Rocky Mountain Wild

Rocky Mountain Wild

      Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through symbols and signs such as the Sacred Circle symbol. Native American symbols are geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena, and animal designs.


      The painting, Rocky Mountain Wild combines the Sacred Circle with the "Power Animals" found in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The circle is found in the artistic color wheel which is the founding force of all color. The pure blue softens and melts into green as yellow in varying degrees is added. As the blue deminishes the yellow becomes pure and brilliant until red is added producing gold and then orange, and as the yellow fades and is gone, the red is pure, until the red is touched with blue. Rich dark purple then emerges as more blue is added. The pastels are created with adding white, and as more blue is added and the red is deminished until the blue is again pure. Thus completeing the circle. 


       Each of the "Power Animals" has a special meaning, characteristics, and significance. Shamans believe visions and dreams come from Power Animals, and understanding the various animals makes interpreting these dreams possible. The Bear, for example, means strength, solitude, motherhood, teaching, and dream Interpretation. Dreaming you are being pursued or attacked by a bear indicates aggression, overwhelming obstacles and a threatening situation lies ahead. Dreaming of a peaceful bear suggests the need for a period of introspection and thinking.


       Rocky Mountain Wild celebrates the circle of unity these animals represent within the universal circle of life.


Signed, limited edition (16" x 22"),  Fine Art Print,............$25.00