Ruth - Virtue

Ruth - Virtue

A portion of Ruth's story -

     During the Era of Judges in the Old Testament, before Nebauchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem and carried off Daniel to Babylon, and before Esther was crowned Queen of Persia, a baby girl was born in the land of Moab, and named Ruth. She was born into a family who knew not the things of God. Although the Moabites were an Abrahamic people, they did not worship the true and living God, but were a nation of idol worshipers. During Ruth's childhood, a terrible famine  spread throughout the land of Israel and many suffered from want of food. It was during this time that Elimelech, an Israelite of Bethlehem, moved his wife, Naomi and his two sons, Chilion and Mahlon, to Moab to escape the famine.


      Elimelech's family must have felt out of place in their new surroundings, and others may well have been suspicious of them at first. Because the worship of idols was customary in Moab, those who believed differently would have been avoided. Ruth was a curious girl and noticed Naomi was different and she wanted to know why. Over a period of time Ruth and Naomi became acquainted and a friendship grew as each enjoyed the others company. We can assume it was from Naomi that Ruth first learned of God and His plan for His children's happiness and salvation. The Holy Spirit undoubtedly bore witness to Ruth of the truthfulness of Naomi's testimony. During this time a deep bond of love grew between the two women, and the young Ruth was converted to the faith of Naomi's family. What a joy and blessing Ruth's company must have been to the older Naomi, who had no daughter with whom to share her thoughts and skills.


     The scriptural account of Ruth clearly states it was because of her Virtue that many years later, in Bethlehem, Boaz chose her to be his wife. Thus she became the mother of Obed, the father of Jesse who was the father of David; making Ruth the great-grandmother of David, and an ancestor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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