The Horse In Sport

        This painting is a kaleidoscope of color circling The Horse in Sport. The horse has been a central figure in sports since it was first discovered he could be ridden. Whether the sport is camping in the remote high country where pack horses are needed, to say nothing of the need for a good steady mount to carry it's rider into the interior, or the horse is used for serious competition, he is still the central figure in the sport. Various equestrian sports are represented in a color wheel circling the coveted trophy. Stadium Jumping, Hunting, Calf Roping, Barrel  Racing and Dressage are all popular equestrian sports today. While pleasure riding may be the most popular of all and is placed in the peaceful center.


         The Horse In Sport is a conversation piece. It will hang impressively in every horse lovers home or stable.


Signed Limited Edition Prints on Canvas

24" x 36"