Three Too Many

         When Skyler Keel rides with a remuda of horses into Fort Bridger he has no idea what troubles await him.  As head of the Pony Express from Laramie to the Salt Lake Valley he is responsible for keeping the ponies running and now his boss has commanded he  escort his daughter and her traveling companions back down the line to Fort Laramie, all while taking care of the Express.  His boss hasn't a clue as to what he's demanded. Three lovely young women traveling across hundereds of miles in Indian country is bad enough, but a renegade band of  Black Foot are on the warpath. It is insane! Join Sky on his adventure as he tames a shrew and keeps the Pony Express running. 


         Three Too Many is historicaly correct in every respect except for the main characters; it will give you a look at the old west in a new and different way.  I am told it should be a comedy, and I've also been told that it is the best subliminal parenting book on the market.   It's worth the read.


          I was contacted by a movie company and asked to write this for a feature western film.  Three Too Many is  still on the waiting list for filming.


Order you copy today.  Soft cover .............   $15.00