Eight Women of Value

8 Women of Value Booklets

Eight Women of Value Booklets

      The purpose of the Eight Women of Value is to create a better understanding of the Eight Values given to the Young Women of the Church and to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the lives and values of eight exemplary women from history.


      The young women of today need female role models with which to identify. The pop stars, teen idols, and "soap" characters provided by today's media are not sufficient and if worthy role models are not provided, the youth will follow what is available. Everyone needs an example! Our young women do not relate very well to ancient prophets, they need women with problems and solutions they can understand.


        The material included with the Eight Women of Value is intended to supplement lesson material being used in the Young Woman's Program, the Relief Society, and Family Home Evening programs. It should never be used to replace Church curriculum. The material adapts easily to Firesides, Family Home Evenings, New Beginnings, Girl's Camp, special programs, and every kind of lesson situation. The Eight Women, complete with their stories, portraits, the value they represent, and their allegories can be shaped to fit the special needs of stakes, wards, as well as the individual young women. 


        The Eight Women of Value began with Eve, and added to, one woman at a time, for every leadership meeting following the introduction of the new Young Womens Values for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by Sister Kapp in 1990. These leadership lessons were designed to help the Young Women’s leaders better understand the values, especially Choice and Accountability, Divine Nature, and Individual Worth. After the leadership meeting where Eve was introduced as the woman to represent Choice and Accountability, I was challenged for using a sinful woman as a worthy role model. Rather than worry over the situation, or destroy the painting, I chose to refer the problem to the General Authorities. The results were two fold. The first: during the next General Conference the General Authorities verified beyond all doubt, Eve’s worthiness as a role model. The next few conferences made clear the service she rendered and the worthiness of both Adam and Eve. The second: I was asked to give the paintings to the Young Womens General Board where they would be used for the next year as an example of what one Young Wome’s leader had done to supplement the program. At the end of the year the paintings were returned with the suggestion that they be published so other Young Womens leaders could benefit from the material. The message from the Young Womens General Board was to be creative and find ways to reach our Young Women by supplementing the Church’s curriculum.


        Each booklet contains the woman's story, a description of the value she represents,and the allegorical meaning found within her painting. Examples are given within this website of the booklet contents on the various Women of Value pages.


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