LDS Young Women Valuesen Values

Young Womens Value Ruth

Ruth - Virtue


Eight Women From History



Role Models In Living

The Values of


The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-daySaints



Queen Esther of Persia

Eliza R. Snow of the Restoration

Eve, the "Mother of all living"

Florence Nightengale,

the "Lady with the Lamp"

Joan of Arc, the "Liberator of France"

Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ

Ruth, wife of Boaz

Sacajawea, a guide for Lewis and Clark

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Young Womens Value Esther
Young Womens Value Eliza R. Snow



Young Womens Value Joan of Arc
Young Womens Value Florence Nightengale

Individual Worth

Good Works

Young Womens Value Ruth
Young Womens Value Sacajawea


Young Womens Value Eve

Choice and Accountability

Young Womens Value Mary

Divine Nature

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The Eight Women of Value were chosen to represent the eight values within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's Young Women's Program. The paintings and the individual phamplets are approved by the LDS General Young Women's Board for "supplamental use" within the Young Women's Program. Each of the values booklets contains the woman's story, a description of the allegories within her painting, and an explanation of the value she represents. Click on the various paintings above for a brief sample of what is found in each booklet.  The LDS Young Women Values are a help for Young Women leaders.